A typical day in class.... 


BOW-IN / WARM-UP:  After a traditional bow-in, the class generally begins with a warm-up consisting of stretching exercises followed by a brief cardio workout and then a review of the basic movements.  Sometimes, however, we replace our normal warm-up with a game of some sort intended to teach self-defense or to improve a particular need identified in the class. 

BASIC MOVEMENTS:  Following this warm-up, we normally teach and work on perfecting the basic movements and stances.  Self-defense techniques are taught mainly in the adult classes in addition to the basic movements.  This not only prepares the student for karate competition fighting but also for the "real world."  Most of the self-defense techniques, if done incorrectly, can hurt an individual, which is why we do not focus on this in the children’s class.


KATA:   Katas, which are a series of basic movements developed over the years to teach students to combine the basic movements into useful fighting patterns.   We often use this time to introduce the karateka (the Japanese word for student) to the use of traditional weapons, such as the Bo or long staff.


SPAR / KUMITE:   After Kata practice we normally spar.  Sparring is practice fighting.  Students must have available protective equipment such as a mouth piece, to protect the teeth, and the male students must wear groin protection.  Gloves and shin pads are also required.  All of these items can be purchased from the student's instructor.


BOW-OUT:   Just like the "bow-in", at the end of a class session, it is traditional to bow-out

That completes a typical day inside our class!