Master Mario Preiser

       Master Martin "Mario" Victor Preiser 

    Rokyu-Dan - 6th Degree Black Belt


Licensed As A USA National Karate Federation (USA-NKF) Judge-Referee. 

USA National Karate Federation (USA-NKF) is the National Governing Body of  Sport Karate within the United States recognized by  the United States Olympic Committee.
Started studying Karate on September 29, 1976 under some of the top competitors in the country. 
He first studied under Oreath Grant, top female competitor for over 10 years and then Sensei James B "Jim" Cottrell, his main sensei until returning to martial arts.
In 1978 and 1979 as a 2nd degree brown belt, Mario was undefeated, also nationally ranked 8th in Karate Illustrated magazine's, (which tracks competitors in the USA and listed them in ranking system) in the black belt men's division, as a black belt.
Nationally rank in the top 10 in fighting, from 1979 through 1984, highest was number (4) four. Also in other karate magazine's like, BLACK BELT MAGAZINE.
Competed in many tournaments in his early work up to black belt, and continual competing throughout in the USA as a black belt.
Individual champion in A.A.U.
Mario was awarded his Shodan (1st degree) Black Belt in July of 1980.
Qualified for the United States, West Virginia Karate Team in 1979 thru 1984 until the team concept was eliminated.
After two more years of competition and hard work Sensei Preiser was awarded his Nidan (2nd Degree) Black Belt in July of 1982.
in 1982 Mario qualified for the United States Team but due to surgery and serious illness was unable to compete.
After a long break in Karate due to illness, Mario re-emerged on the Karate scene in June 14, 2007, taking instruction and teaching under Master Dale Thayer of West Virginia Seiei Kan Karate Academy in Clendenin, West Virginia.
Place at the Seiei Kan (AKJU) Nationals in Columbus, Ohio.
2 time, AKJU National Champion and All-American
All West Virginia
All Ohioan
Samurai Champion
2 Time Grand Champion Eastern Martial Champion
Life Member of the Ko Sutemi Seiei Kan – All-American Karate-Do Union
Lifetime Membership in Dento Bushido Kai Karate Association
Inducted into the Eastern U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2008
International Black Belt Hall of Fame Martial Artist of the year in 2009
International Black Belt Hall of Fame Extraordinary Martial Arts Spirit in 2010