Are you considering a martial arts class for your child or children? There are many out there and it can be tough to decide which one is right for your family. Master Dale Thayer, head of the Dento Bushido Kai Martial Arts Schools, gives this advice about choosing a martial arts school for your child or family.


INSTRUCTORS: The most important part about, choosing a martial arts school is making sure you choose the right instructor. The first question to ask is if he or she is qualified. Anyone can read a book or watch an instructional video and learn some martial arts. Do you want that person to teach your child? No, absolutely not! Ask to see the instructor's certifications. Make sure the instructor has a state police background check. There are many child predators out there, so make sure your child's instructor is not one.


INTRODUCTORY CLASS: Make sure that the instructor offers free introductory classes before you pay for a month of instruction. You want to be sure that the class is the right fit for your child before you commit to paying for several classes or purchasing a uniform and other equipment.


MARTIAL ARTS STYLES: Do not worry about marital arts styles worry more about the instructor" All martial arts styles' can produce top grade students and competitors. Choose the instructor not the style.


MARTIAL ARTS ORGANIZATIONS: Find out if the instructor is a standalone teacher or if they are a member of an organization that has multiple schools in your area or region. Be cautious of classes that are not part of a larger organization.


FAMILY PLANS: Does the class offer a plan for the whole family to participate in martial arts? Martial art is a great family hobby. It might be interesting for your child to have mom, dad, or siblings learning it with them. They can practice at home and may feel more comfortable.


THE YEAR-ROUND SPORT: Martial arts do not have a season. They last year-round and therefore have no ending, Martial arts students can participate for a lifetime. Also, every student participates. No one sits on the bench. Make sure the school offers competition opportunities for your child or family. Competition opportunities encourage your child to stay involved and work harder to improve his or her skill level.


Master Thayer says, whether you end up at his school or at one of the other martial art schools in the area, he knows your child and your family are going to love training in the martial arts. He says there are some good instructors in our area and he wishes them all the best.


If you have any questions about choosing a martial arts school contact Master Thayer at 304-993-8009. His organization has schools in Clendenin, and Gassaway.