Sensei Bryan Pursley

3rd Degree Back Belt - San Dan

Licensed As A USA National Karate Federation (USA-NKF) Referee-Judge
USA National Karate Federation (USA-NKF) is the National Governing Body of  Sport Karate within the United States recognized by  the United States Olympic Committee.

2010EUSAIMAA Black Belt Hall of Fame Induction

  • Awrded 2010 Male Black Belt of the Year
  • Awarded Official Certificate of Proficiency
  • Awarded Ni-Dan (2nd degree) Black Belt by Grand Master Dale Thayer
  • Lifetime member of the Dento Bushido Kai Organization

2009 - 6th Eastern Invitational - 1st place Randori and Grappling


2007 - Nominated for Martial Arts dedication (EUSAIMAA)

  • Awarded 1st degree (Sho-Dan) Black Belt - Ko Sutemi Seiei Kan
  • Life Memeber of the ko Sutemi Seiei Kan - All American Karate Do Union
  • Taught Karate for the PATCH 21st program at Geary Elementary Middle School (GEMS)


2006 - Awarded Modst dedicated student by WV Seiei Kan Karate Academy

  • 26th Great year Tri State - 2nd Kumite, 1st Kata
  • AKJU Interclub tournament Milton - 2nd Kata
  • 3rd Easter Invitational - 2nd Kumite, 2nd Kata
  • 1st WV Classic - 2nd Grappling, 2nd Kumite, 3rd Kata


2005 - 29th WV State - 3rd Kumite, 2nd Kata


2004 - 1st Eastern Invitational - 1st Kumite, 1st Kata

  • 24th Great Year Tri State - 1st Kumite, 1st Kata
  • 28th WV State - 3rd Kimite, 2nd Kata


2003 - Began training under Masters Dale Theyer and Sammy Gray