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Welcome to the Dento Bushido Kai Karate Association. We are a premier martial arts school with three (3) locations; Clendenin, and Sissonville  West Virginia.  The school is founded, owned and operated by Master Dale Thayer, 8th Degree Black Belt (Hachi-Dan) in Dento Bushido Kai Karate. The school in Clendenin currently holds classes for both Karate, Iaido and Ju-Jitsu programs and has been in constant operation for more than a decade helping students of all ages master the art of karate, also known as "empty hand" fighting.

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We teach traditional Japanese self - defense and the sport of martial arts. We are blessed to have trained National Champions, International Champions,  All-Americans and some of the top ranked competitors in the country.

Master Thayer personally teaches many of the classes at Dento Bushido Kai. He has selected an elite cadre of instructors, each with a wide range of knowledge and ability to teach students of all ages, levels and experience.


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Master Dale Thayer

Dento Bushido Kai  Association 
#3 Main Street 
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Business Phone: 304-548-2011 
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